Bio: All I do is build groovy, creating positive and successful outcomes for individuals and organizations. Author: The 4 M's- Mindfulness, Mindset, Moxie and Mojo • Founder @ Peak Talent Capital Solutions & Work + Brain I am the creator of Peak Employment Solutions LLC., Successorized, Inc., Work + Brain, Tee It Up For Kids, and The 4M's. I have over 25 years’ experience in unlearning and redevelopment, human capital optimization, leadership, management development, talent life cycle innovation, and positive psychology solutions for national and international organizations. I began my career in a small HR firm in Augusta, Georgia with no more than raw enthusiasm and the realization that I had better develop and rapidly display the skills, traits and talents demanded to make a difference or I would suffer the consequences in a world that rightly does not reward mediocrity. I've been around long enough to remember when Human Resources was the Personnel Department and talent acquisition was considered a key component of future success, not a tactical paper-pushing procurement function led by those who treat an art the same as purchasing office products from the lowest bidder. Let me know how that strategy works out in today’s talent scarce and competitive marketplace. I still believe in the power of the creative individual, hard work, dedication and the importance of building successful teams; one key player at a time. While most are busy killing zombies or getting the super elf through the sugar cookie forest, I'm busy killing unemployment, building dynamic leaders and successful organizations. ​You’re welcome. I am blessed to have trained and continue to influence many current and future leaders. I lead a team at Peak Talent Capital Solutions that is second to none in the fine art of empowering people and the organizations they serve, delivering optimal experiences and successful outcomes.

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